Friday, 1 August 2008

Unappreciated?...I Think Not

Just recently I've been receiving a lot of...what i wouldn't really call criticism towards this blog but a few objections from some people at my school ever since leaving a link on the other i think it's right that I set a few things straight...

  • When I call myself one of the "outcasts" (see previous post "Social Ladder" for better explanation) , I mean only in my year; I do have friends outside of that
    (**quite a few people seemed to be confused about that**)

  • When writing posts on here, I am writing what/how i feel at that time. My opinion about that subject might change in the future...or maybe just stay the same

  • If it seems like I'm complaining I'm not...If you consider me writing my opinion and expressing my thoughts "moaning" than I guess that's your problem not mine

  • Just because I say certain things about the school I am in right now (social wise), it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the education I am getting and that I don't realise how lucky I am to be there. I figured that out myself way before I even came to the school.

  • If this other website I have talked about beforehand didn't exist, then maybe I wouldn't have so many things to "moan" about...If certain people in my school just stopped with the "gossip" and spreading around other people's business that didn't even concern them, then maybe, just maybe I wouldn't get some of the comments I have gotten about this blog.

  • Although I have my bad moments socially at this International school it has also partially changed me in a good way; I am now surrounded by people from all corners of the world and I am receiving a much better education than I did at schools I went to in my previous country.

  • You are probably reading the above point thinking "If she is getting a great education and knows people from all over the world then why does she still have not so positive things to say?", well some schools with these aspects still have not so nice people in them; but I'll keep the above point in mind the next time I write a new post

  • What I write/have written on this blog may offend some people from my school; if that's the case then I apologise, but at the same time (and I've said this before) that was how I felt at that certain moment, my views may change

  • Some people may think that it would be better in general if I just deleted certain posts and kept those thoughts to myself...that's the problem I don't like to keep all my thoughts to myself anymore. I did that before and it didn't help me, now that I have the oppourtunity to I like to express my opinions and thoughts about things (which I do via. this blog)

    So now I've cleared that up...I hope you understand this blog a bit better than beforehand...

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