Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Hanna Smith

Though she isn't the first to appreciate this blog, a girl called Hanna Smith has also created a blog expressing her views on my school and also the website containing it's "gossip" about it.
In one post, she talks about her appreciation of finding my blog and seeing that someone has finally taken the courage to say what they really think of school life and RHI.

She goes on to say that while she doesn't agree with everything that I say, some of the things I talk about in my posts, such as "Social Ladder" aren't that far from the truth.
How old Hanna Smith is I'm not sure, but it seems that she might be older than me as she says:

she is quite young she still has a lot to learn and with the years that will follow"

She ends her post about me by saying that she appreciates my courage and how I manage to write long articles. She also says that my blog is worth having a look at...well so is hers. It might not have much articles on it now but that doesn't mean that the things she says on there aren't important or interesting to read; and besides, it probably won't be long until she puts up more things, but anyway here's the address:

For me, I'm glad to see that she appreciates the things I say on here, and that I'm also happy that she sees the truth about certain things/aspects about my school; and I told her that when I left a comment on her blog...and whether you agree with her or not I suggest you do the same.

It's time that more people voiced their opinions against RHI and stopped feeding off it's "gossip"

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