Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Phelps Family

Earlier on today I came across this clip on YouTube. The clip was of a baptist woman and her two daughters as guests on the Tyra Banks show; the reason they were on the show in the first place was because of their (mainly the mother's) views on Homosexuals...what makes it strange is that when Tyra started off the interview saying "Why do you and your family hate homosexuals so much?" The woman then replied saying:

"I don't hate them. I am probably the woman here right now that loves them the most. I love them enough to tell them that their sin [as a homosexual] is taking them to hell, and that if they don't repent and stop living that lifestyle then they will go to hell"

Now if you think that's bad enough, she even had the nerve to bring in traumatic events such as 9/11 and the tsunami incident into the equation...she carries on to say:

"I say thank God for 9/11, thank God for Hurricane Katrina and thank God for the tsunami"

When asked why she said this, she goes on to say "We are meant to thank God for all his righteous judgements...America has sinned away her day of grace, the wrath of God is pouring out on this nation"

Now not only does she say bad things about homosexuals...she also mentions Swedish people aswell...
She mentions them because during the tsunami, alot of Swedish people were there on holiday in the area where it happened, meaning alot of Swedish died...She saw this as a good thing because alot of the Swedish people there when the tsunami happened were said to be gay...

She had said alot of other things too but the first few things she mentioned were the things that stuck in my head the can she see things such as 9/11 a good thing?! 2,974 people died in that incident, all of which came from 90 different countries around the world including the US...that means that not only did people in America feel the affect of the twin towers falling, but so did people in those 90 different countries (if not more), now they have to live with the fact that one (or more) of their friends/family members are gone...I'd love to see her go to one of those victims families and say "Thank God for 9/11" then...I wonder what would happen to her

Not only is this woman an extreme homophobic, but she is incredibally ignorant, as well as extremely gullible. To say that all the Swedish people who were killed deserved to die is beyond uncalled for...personally I'm not Swedish, but I do know quite a few people who are...this woman clearly doesn't know any herself, and if she did they probably stopped talking to her after what she said on the show...

She's gullible because she believes every single word that has been said in the Bible. Most people of Christian faith know that not everything in the Bible is true...not every psalm, not every gospel and not every scripture in there is the word of God...I'm Christian myself and I know that some things in the Bible are just words that were said to be inspired by God...I'm telling you now that if God read the Bible himself, he'd probably disagree with quite a few things in there...and the thing about homosexuality being a sin is bound to be one of them.

What disgusts me the most is that her and her family even started up a website called godhatesf*** is wrong with this woman?! Here's a question for her: if God hated homosexuals so much then why did he allow them to exist?! Homosexuals are born gay, they can't help the way they are...
This woman is acting as if all homosexuals just woke up one day and said " I'm going to start liking men" when we all know (well most of us do anyway) that that's not the case...if anything some homosexuals probably tried to live a heterosexual lifestyle just to impress the likes of people like her, before they realised that wasn't who they truly were.

At one point she tells Tyra that in the past her and her family have been shot at numerous times and have even had bombs thrown at their house...well to me (and to a few others to) these are signs from God. I think that the whole shooting and bombing thing is happening to her family as a sign that God hates what they are doing and saying about other people; think about it: if God agreed with their actions and didn't see anything wrong in what they were saying about homosexuals, then he would've protected them when people tried to shoot them, or tried to bomb down their house...but he didn't protect them...and do you know why?? because he hates the fact that they are judging other people that he has put on this earth and that they haven't learned to accept everyone for who they are...

I think I've said enough about this now...why don't you see the video for yourself:

There is also a clip of them on the Jeremy Kyle show, the link for that is this:

Tell me what you think of the whole situation.

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