Monday, 21 July 2008

High School "Popular Slutty Girls" Vs. Middle School "Popular Girls"

If you don't know what the high school is like at my school let me explain it to's in some ways similar to the groups you'll find in middle school (see my "Social Ladder" post for the explanation), but in some ways it is worse...while the boys in general mature overall, the "popular boys" become more cocky and arrogant, while the "popular slutty girls" become a lot more bitchy and self centred; some of them even become more obsessed about their weight :s

These "popular slutty girls", are used to having a lot of attention (especially from the opposite sex) drawn to them; and when all eyes aren't on them...even if it is just for one moment, you can imagine that they don't take it lightly. How they resolve it you wonder? By spreading rumors about the girls who the attention IS to, these girls being the "popular girls".
There has always been alot of friction and tension between these two social groups. While t
he "popular girls" just want to get on with their lives, the "popular slutty girls" will try and put the other girls down at any moment they can...just to make them feel generally better about themselves (isn't that sad?).

Like i mentioned before, they spread rumors that they have heard about these other girls, or just rumours they have heard off the top of their heads....
But my school being my school (i won't mention it's name), just telling people about these rumors wasn't enough for them was it? so what do they do? They set up a website for everyone to see...
This website has caused a lot of upset for the "popular girls", as the things stated on there are exaggerated and beyond the actual truth; and to make things worse, the "popular girls" being targeted on this website are all in my year group, i.e they were just in middle school when these things were said about them...

Middle school?! excuse my language but how low can these "popular slutty girls" f****** s
toop? Them being in high school they should know better than to spread such s*** about girls that are younger than them...these "popular girls" in middle school have done nothing wrong yet these "popular slutty girls" in high school still CONTINUE to spread horrible rumours about them...and for what? because some high school boys find them attractive?!

These "popular girls" going into high school the upcoming school can only imagine that the rumours are going to get worse and more ridiculous than before...

When a friend of mine from the "popular girls" asked me what i thought of the website and the things being said to her, I told her this:

I told her that the website was full of s*** and that her, or any of the other "popular girls" being targeted on it shouldn't pay any attention to it; i told her that yes she does have every right to be a bit upset by it, but she should still not let it get to her...because if she was to show these "popular slutty girls" that, she'd be showing them that they've won; that they have achieved trying to bring down her as a person. I told her that she KNOWS that they have nothing better to why get annoyed about that?
I ended it by saying (this may sound kinda harsh) that if they can't deal with the fact that the attention is going to be on them all the time, that they should just f*** off and go stick their fingers down their throats; or whatever those Barbie sl*ts do in their spare time to get skinny...

This tension has gone on between the two groups for too long...i just hope it all ends soon before things get out of hand (which i don't think is very likely at my school tbh...)

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