Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What Happens Then?

Some people actually think that living the rich life is great, that it's this amazing lifestyle that must be ALOT better than being middle class or even poor. Part of the reason some people think this is because of... you guessed it: The Media.
With all these fictional and real life programs such as The Hills, The OC, Laguna Beach, Gossip Girl, My Super Sweet 16, or any more of that mindless crap they show on the TV that comes from the US, some people out there actually believe that the only way you can fun and actually enjoy life to the full, is if you're rich... which people should generally KNOW isn't true, because (though I haven't experienced it), living the rivh life isn't THAT great (See my Money Money Money post for more on that).

With these over spoilt rich girls on programmes like My Super Sweet 16, who's best friend is most likely their Mum or Dad's credit card... do they ever think or wonder what will happen to them once they get out into the REAL world, where NOTHING is going to be handed to them on a plate and that for one of the first times in their life, their gonna have to get off their lazy arses and actually lift one of their "precious" manicured fingers and work? Let's face it...they're not always going to be under the thumb of their parents, they're not always going to have things handed to them on a plate when they ask for it or have others doing basic things for them when they actually do it themselves at such an age.

Thankfully this doesn't apply to all rich teenagers that age...after all, some of them do appreciate the fact that their parents worked hard to give them the things they have, and that it didn't happen easy for them... and that it won't happen easy for them either. For the others however, once they finally do get there into the real world, they'll rely on others so much that they won't go anywhere in the real world...either that or they'll have to realise how things actually work (that'll have to be done extremely quickly!)

Oh well...that's what happens when you're literally spoon fed everything you got your whole life, you pay the price for it later...and it will hit you, HARD.

One more thing...to those who think these people have a perfect life, don't belive that for one second...they probably just use all that money and riches to cover up things.

Remember..."Money Can't Buy You Happiness..."

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ToshaRenelle said...

Yeah, I think the parents of the privileged children you speak of have the tough job. As a person who doesn't have it all and grew up having to struggle, I would be excited to be able to provide my children with the finer things in life, as long as I could afford it. But I would however make sure my children gave back, worked hard to earn the things I got for them and did chores around the house. It's important to keep children humble and grounded as they are very impressionable.