Sunday, 9 November 2008

He's Done It :)...But Are America Ready For Him As A Whole?

As we all know by know, Chicago Senator Barack Obama has been elected as the 44th President of the US. Now while this is great news for most people living in this country as well as other places, there are still a percentage of people out there such as some Republicans who believe that Obama was the wrong choice and that McCain should've won instead... But why do exactly they think this? It is because he'll raise taxes once in the White House, is it because he's a Democrat and isn't necessarily on the same page as them, or is it simply because he's a man of colour?
The fact that Obama was more popular than McCain in the votes is a good thing, as it shows that those American citizens who voted for Obama no longer see race as an issue when it comes to who runs their country, it's a sign that most Americans have moved on from the days in the 60s when there was extreme segregation in America amongst blacks and whites...But what about the others? What about the ones who have the same mindset that the average American had all those years ago?

While all McCain supporters aren't racist, like I've said before, some people were supporting McCain just because his opponent (Obama) was black...and it seems like some of these supporters will do almost anything to get rid of Obama now that he's won the election; even when it was just between him and Hillary Clinton, one or two men (or maybe more) were arrested and maybe even sentenced to prison, as they were making plots to kill Obama, plots a few of them tried to carry out before fortunately getting stopped. This is definitely a major problem Obama is facing, even with the secret service protecting him...because there are still Americans out there who don't like seeing a black man in power, they're scared to see such history being made in the 21st century, they're scared to see change, a change that their country definitely needs.

In the US, black people have come so far as a race; from the days of separation in the 50s etc. and being told that we are worth nothing, to now in the 21st century having a black man running the White House and possibly being the most powerful man in the world; something that is telling the world that we are something and that we have overcome. Many non black Americans have come to accept this, however some still haven't and choose not to move on from the old fashion ways. Now as time goes by, while this percentage of people will perhaps decrease, they will always be there whether we like it or not. They'll always be people in America who will refuse or like anything that's different from them...which means that there will always be those few people in America that have a problem with Obama. But as long as there are those who support him all the way and his ideas, that will be a something that will keep the faith he has for America alive


qqede said...

i am sorry but your are not american and most of the time you criticize the americans for being fat or stupid. just because a black man is now the president of the US doesnt really affect you as all people are equal, skin colour doesnt matter. i dont know why are you so angry at white people. i dont mean to offend you by this, im just saying that race or skin colour do not matter and you make a big deal out of it. im very sorry if this offended you, im just expressing my personal opinion.

Billie Walker said...

Americans being fat and stupid? When did I say that :S...
Ok race and skin colour may not matter in some places, but it still unfortunately has an affect on the way some people are treated today in the 21st century...and I highlight that in some of my doesn't make me angry at white people, I can't help it if they caused some of it.

And what...because I'm not American I shouldn't care about Obama being the first black president? Come on you must admit that sounds a BIT shallow. When he was elected that made history in not just America...but probably the rest of this earth too, and it must be affecting those outside of America too if the US president is said to be the most powerful man in the WORLD. And besides, I have quite a few relatives in the US, so even if I don't get affected by it, they definitely will.

And no I'm not offended...If anything I feel it's sad that you think that only Americans should care about who the US president is...Obama's got quite a few relatives in Kenya...are you saying they shouldn't care and that it won't affect THEM in any way? What about those in Iraq too?...also I think its sad that you believe just because race doesn't matter where YOU are as well as some other places, it's the same everywhere else, when it's not. Now whether that's what you were trying to say I don't know, but that's definitely the message I got from it.

Just think about what you're writing if you choose to comment on here again, as some people might just think you're being SLIGHTLY closed minded when it comes to who will be affected by Obama's election, because it's not just America